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October 22 2011

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Penta - All Shots Double is out now

In his sixth psytrance album, Nikita Tselovalnikov aka Penta is coming back with more abstruse atmospheres, vitriolic effects, and tempestuous beats. His new sound, largely inspired by hours of watching movies, is an endless array of cinematic percussion, emotional peaks and fantastic melodies. With more full-on flavor than ever, this nine-tracker has conquered many festivals from Japan to Portugal to Easter Island and is finally released into the wild. You can get this album at Psyshop, Saikosounds, Amazon, or at many stores mentioned in the left column of this page.

Penta Downturn psytrance remix EP out now

Hi Everyone! Penta's long-overdue Downturn Remix EP is finally here. The release features psytrance remixes of Penta's opening track from Give Me Five! album by Ocelot and Penta himself. Enjoy!

Azorsky "Russian Standard" electro house EP is out now on Beatport!

Azorsky's third EP is made up of Nikita's two earlier electro tracks -"Russian Standard" and "Island Tango". The first one has a lot of influences from all over the place and encompasses a joyful forward-looking groove, while the second one has more experimental edge to it, incorporating dark atmospheres and sudden melodic moves. Besides that it has little to do with tango, of course, - it's still Azorsky's electro.


Penta's "Numbers" EP is out now on Beatport!

After five artist albums and countless releases on compilations, Penta's EP, "Numbers" comes at the beginning of the 10th year of Penta as the psy trance project. These two tracks are mathematical in nature with the first one - "Binary" bringing Nikita Tselovalnikov back to his melodic style of early years and the second one "Random Number (Live Mix)" exploring the possibility of making music on the fly, with the help of Ableton Live. That track, which maybe not as polished as other Penta's tracks, transmits a sense of spontaneity, otherwise unachievable with traditional linear methods of producing music. Both tracks are suitable for the hottest time of a party.

Penta's "Florentin" EP is Out Now on Beatport!

Good news everybody, Penta's second EP slipped into a time wormhole and is coming out before the first one. We mean - it's out now! Nevermind the release date, release dates are for pussies. This EP is as fresh as it gets. Get it now at Beatport. Enjoy!

AuraQuake turns 5 years old! Download the new Azorsky mix.

Hello everybody! On December 12 we have turned five years old, a magic number of years or us. To celebrate this, we are inviting you to download for free the first-ever publicly available Azorsky Mix recorded nowhere else but the Azores in December. The mix consists of previously released and and five! unreleased tracks that are gonna come out next year. So, download, record it on your iPods, give away, pass it on... Makes pretty good music for a party in your house or club or car: we know, we tested... :-) Happy Holidays!

Azorsky - Live in the Azores by azorsky  

Second AuraQuake EP! Azorsky "Congratulations" out now exclusively on Beatport

Happy December everybody! We are releasing our second EP. This time again, from Azorsky called "Congratulations" At this time you can find it at Beatport, but soon it should be available everywhere. Enjoy and stay tuned for more music soon!


First AuraQuake EP! Azorsky "Summer Breeze" out now exclusively on Beatport

The inaugural Azorsky digital-only EP, “Summer Breeze” marks a new era in AuraQuake Music by bringing the label’s signature psychedelic sound into new territories. These two original tracks, which most closely fit the Electro House category, are a product of several years of experimentation by Nikita Tselovalnikov, who is famous for his psytrance project Penta. Still unmistakably unique, but more on the happy side, the new style of Nikita’s Azorsky project has been tested with great results at the biggest parties around the world from Japan to Brazil and from Portugal to California.

Penta: Give Me Five! is now released!!! + Free Download

Great news Everybody! Auraquake has finally released Penta's fifth album, "Give Me Five"! It is available in our regular network of shops and will be available as a digital download in Beatport, iTunes and the like soon. For extended list of shops see the left column. Until then, we invite you to download a track from the album called "Downturn" (please right-click to "Save link as").

Penta - Give Me Five!

Track list

1. Downturn
2. Are We Don Yet?
3. Robot Poetry
4. Jingle Bells
5. Pumpkin
6. Feeling Faster
7. We’re from the Future
8. Wonderful Feeling
9. Ibiza Calling (Azorsky remix)


From the deep lava tube in the center of Atlantis AuraQuake is proclaiming that after one and a half year adventures around the globe and experiments with the new electro sound as Azorsky, Penta is back with his fifth album! For this occasion we have even convinced Nikita Tselovalnikov to name his new album “Give Me Five!” to underline that it is, in fact his fifth album. As always, there are scores of new technologies and tricks incorporated in each track. From dark minimal “Downturn” through high-resolution “Are We Done Yet?” to happy and morning “Wonderful Feeling” the album covers enough territories to satisfy all tastes in music. The album also features the first Azorsky release, - in this case a remix of an old and rare Penta gem. Naturally, these nine fresh tunes are to be released in both digital and CD format for your maximum enjoyment.


Strange news everyone, Penta has apparently had a second project for a couple of years now. The time has come to announce Azorsky - the fusion of electro, house and melodic lounge, Penta style. The MySpace page has just been launched - you can find it at is also on the way. We are expecting the releases from Azorsky on Beatport, iTunes and the other download shops soon!

Azorsky - Penta's electro project


Penta "Portuguese Abduction" is now released!!!

Penta "Portuguese Abduction"

1 Vegetarian Ballad
3 Time Jump
4 Andes
5 Men Dozed
6 Piscotech
7 No More Evil
8 Magic Balls
9 Neo Cheesy

Well, it has finally happened: the Portuguese aliens have taken what was theirs for several years now – that is, Nikita Tselovalnikov, the producer of Penta, the psytrance project that has been seen live in 30 countries around the world. To commemorate this fact, AuraQuake Music is happily releasing “Portuguese Abduction”, the fourth trance album from Nikita, now an Azores Islands resident.

Packed with next generation sounds, unexpected passages and his trademark sampling, this release is a wicked pentadelic circus carousel that takes you on a wild journey through night and day. From deep and dark “No More Evil” to the funky and unpredictable “BBQ” to the vocal and full-on “Neo Cheesy” this album is for everyone. Drawing from his experience in working at the Soviet nuclear laboratory, Nikita has made sure that every track will detonate properly on every dance floor, - huge and tiny. The mastering was provided by Tim Schuldt at the 4CN-Studios, so you can expect fresh and transparent sound all the way.
AQCD005 Penta "Portuguese Abduction" is available through Arabesque Distribution and sold at many stores mentioned in the left column. Thanks for the support!

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May 22, 2011
Penta - Laibach -Achtung! remix - Free Download!

Free Download of Penta's remix of popular Slovenian band - Laibach. Enjoy!

May 15, 2010
Penta - Vegetarian Ballad - Free Download!

<a href="">vegetarian ballad by Penta</a>

We invite you to download the opening track from Penta's Portuguese Abduction album. Enjoy!

March 22, 2010
AuraQuake DropBox

Send me your track

For all you goa trance producers out there, we now feature a SoundCloud DropBox for uploading your tracks. This way it's finally much easier for us to keep track of your music.

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